Verizon Authorized Retailer – Victra at 101 Commercial Blvd, Ste A, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

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  • Oct, 17 2019
    Jeanie Grice
    Omg...went in to spend 1000 dollars at this place & received the WORST SERVICE I have EVER HAD anywhere I have done business in my entire life. The manager should be fired. Even the man she was training for another store looked at us & said, "I feel your pain"!!!! We never received our customer satisfaction survey. We think she intercepted it because she had asked us for our password. She knew we were horrified at the way we were treated & whined, " I know you won't give me a 10 BUT PLEASE PLEASE give me a 10 because if you don't I won't get paid. Her name was Annie. I just purchased a Samsung smart watch from WALMART!! Instead of Her! So..they lost 400 smackers from was a total nightmare.
    Seems that the only time you get a comment from the owner its to thank people for thier good review. I have read many that state how sorry Annie is ..yet the owner never comments that he will remedy the situation and FIRE ANNIE.. SHE GIVES LOUSEY SERVICE AND DOES NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT MANNERS, COURTESY AND EVEN THE SMALLEST CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PUT OUT THE WINDOW. GUYS SHE ADMITTED SHE TREATED US BADLY THEN BEGGED US TO RATE HER A 10???? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH HER??? I NEVER HAD A JOB WHERE THE OWNER WOULD NOT FIRE ME IF I BEHAVED LIKE ANNIE..WAKE UP PEOPLE!
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